Osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseaseThe Colorado Center for Bone Research is highly regarded as a leading worldwide authority on osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases, including Paget's Disease; Kidney bone Disease; Osteogenesis Imperfecta; Adult Hypophosphatasia; Kidney Stones; Primary Hyperparathyroidism; Hypoparathyroidism; and Atypical lower extremity fractures in young persons and those on bisphosphonates. Working under the guidance and at the direction of Dr. Paul Miller, CCBR delivers exceptional care for patients so that they may lead happier, stronger and healthier lives.

Colorado Center for Bone Research patients find that Dr. Miller and the CCBR staff take into account all aspects of their well being – that is to say that Dr. Miller personally reads all bone scans, recommends the proper treatment and lifestyle choices to keep bones strong. In keeping with this philosophy, Dr. Miller recommends that patients learn more about osteoporosis as well as the nutrition, exercise and prevention strategies to keep bones strong and healthy.

Resources provided here are compiled from National Osteoporosis Foundation materials. In addition to endorsing the following information, Dr. Miller serves on the Board of the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Additional information may be found at The National Osteoporosis Foundation

The National Osteoporosis Foundation

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Additional Sources for Information:

International Society for Clinical Densitometry

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