Body Composition Scans

RunnerAt CCBR, we provide advanced care for patients with osteoporosis and other metabolic bone disease. And, we’re committed to providing additional health services, including Body Composition Scans, so that people can live their best lives.

CCBR offers Body Composition Scans to people who are interested in learning how much lean tissue (muscle), fat and bone are in their bodies. When added together, those three elements comprise a total body weight. Further, upon learning of muscle mass and daily activity level, you may calculate how many calories can be consumed to lose fat, maintain weight or increase muscle mass. Body Composition Scans are helpful to patients following bariatric surgery or stomach bypass for obesity, and following patients who may have eating disorders or athletes monitoring their fat/muscle mass.

We use our state-of-the-art DXA machines to take key measurements. If you are interested in Body Composition, please call our scheduling desk and let the front desk know that you would like this measurement done. Body composition is not reimbursed by most insurance plans so it usually is a cash payment.

You may repeat scans to measure your progress.